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by Cleopatras Bling

Quzah Necklace with Pearl

$ 236.00

The Quzah Necklace is made up of two types of pearls: round and dainty spheres on the left, and large, so-called rice pearls on the right.

Qaws Quzah (قوس قزح) meaning bow of colour, is Persian for rainbow. The Persians believed that rainbows are the creators of pearls when this arc of light touched and melded with the Earth, with the “imperfections” being the thunder and lighting.

Quzah Necklace with Pearl features:

  • Handcrafted and individually cast
  • Each stone is natural, untreated as well as traceable. This means each stone differs in tone and colour.
  • Nickel and lead free
  • Length: 40cm