My Supplements

These are the supplements I take daily to assist with detoxifying and supporting my immune system while exposing my body to radiation and chemo (there are a few that i had to remove from my list so that they would not interfere with radiation - these are vitamin c, DIM, beta carotene, CoQ10). I am also on a few prescribed medications at this time (keppre & temodar) :


3 X per day:

Ashwagandha - two dropper full 3 x a day

Zinc citrate - 30 mg with each meal to heal radiated tissue

Reishi Mushroom extract - 1 cap 3 x a day

Enzyme HCL - assist with digestion

Aloe Gels 200:1 concentrate - 3 caps 3 times a day to assist with nausea (bite open and move aloe around in your mouth to coat it)

Glutamine - 1-2 scoops 3x a day to heal gut and reduce nausea 

Magnesium (before radiation) - I use a tbs of natural calm in water (this also helps with constipation if you take it before bed)

Morning only:

Arnica 30C - 3 pellets under tongue

Theralac - strong probiotic. Start with once a day but taper down to twice a week

Ground flax seed - 2-4 tbs per day

Cod liver oil - 1 tsp

2 tbs of pea protein each day (see smoothie recipe)

Selenium - 1 capsule per day

Turmeric - 1 capsule per day

Sea minerals - 1 tsp per day (to make, just take a chunk of Himalayan sea salt and cover with water in small jar)


Night Only:

Melatonin - 20mg to protect health tissue from radiation. Has other anti-cancer properties. 






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